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Congress of Vienna again divided Italy into multiple states. 1. Austria Risorgimento = nationalist movement in Italy with goals Sardinia Leads Unification. Desire for UnificationGroups in several Italian states began to push the idea of a unified Italian stateItalian unification seen as being.

Unification of Italy and Germany, Main Underlying Causes. Spread of nationalism; Revolutions of liberalism and nationalism part ways; Defeat. While nat'lm destroyed empires it also built them; Italy was one of the nations to form; Between & fewer Italians were willing live under foreign rulers. The Unification of Italy. The Risorgimento. Italian Unification. Background. Congress of Vienna. Restoration of the pre-Napoleonic patchwork of independent.

Background From s to s central Europe was made up of numerous kingdoms, principalities, and free cities A small group of dedicated Italians and. Italian Unification. Sought unification since Congress of Vienna; Romantic Republicans lead insurrections -. Giuseppe Mazzini; Giuseppe Garibaldi. Wanted . He called for an end to foreign rule and the unification of Italy based on the common language and culture of the people. The Italian nationalist movement was.

The Unification of Italy and Germany. In this lesson, students will be able to identify the actions of the following individuals as well as define the term “Blood and. ITALIAN UNIFICATION. ITALY TO A BATTLE GROUND FOR GREAT POWERS: CAVOUR AND GARIBALDI IN ITALY .


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