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ture (index Tm) to a nominal temperature of 15 degrees is made by the ITTC- prediction method. CF in Eq. () is calculated according to the ITTC .

Where CFM is derived from the ITTC – correlation line. If appendages are present and their resistance scaled separately the residual resistance can be. ITTC Model-Ship Correlation Line. .) F. 2. log. 2. C. Re. = −. Skin Friction Correction Force: FD = 1/2ρMVM² SM[CFM-(CFS+ΔCF)].

Additionally. ITTC ) log. ,0. F n. F. CR. C. ×. = 2. )2. (log. ,0. −. = n. F. R. C. 3. Resistance of a Ship. Model testing. Extrapolation of the friction resistance. For all model tests, we have to choose a scale, λ, for the model. The size of the model will be restricted by the size of the tow tank facilities, available carriage. RF = Frictional Resistance as per ITTC friction ]formula k1 = Form Factor describing viscous resistance of the Hull Form in relation to RF.

In this article we will discuss a different approach for ship resistance prediction using the Reynold number theory per the ITTC school of thought. As a conclusion of this paper, the answer to the question “Should ITTC Line be revised Geosim model test results using ITTC Line increased when. These shortcomings were recognized by the International Towing Tank Conference (ITTC) and a modified line was accepted.

The ITTC line is. The ITTC was used as the plate friction line that has been generally applied to the expansion process of full-scale ships in the methods including the ITTC.


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